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It is important that you really want to take care of your health. One must learn to be seasoned more extensively and effectively in life.

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The Tarot Temperance card can also talk about long-term projects and the fact that you have acquired the clarity of what is important to you. Perhaps the biggest benefit of this card is that you understand that every step of your life is there to allow you to learn and take advantage immediately of what you are learning. Speaks of serenity and calm and accomplished reflection. It can also speak of adaptation, sociability, communication. All this is to find the balance necessary for your well — being. It will then move towards a quiet evolution and assimilate progress in calm.

Temperance is also a card of protection and appeasement. The image that represents Temperance on its card is that of an angel, a spiritual entity that is halfway between God and men. It is holding a cup in each hand and it passes the water within them, from one to another without spilling a drop. The symbology of this action indicates to us that after the Death card , Temperance is number fourteen, the person has been reborn and has new hopes, so you should take stock of their various feelings.

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That is what the movement of water between the two glasses reflects, the control of our emotions, which are represented by water. We control them so much that we do not spill anything. We have seen many changes over the past few months and those changes have definitely put us to the test. Writing for you and forecasting my exclusive predictions are two of my main passions.

Our experts are available to answer all of your questions right now! So, why not choose from our selection of advisors and kick start your quest for answers and enlightenment regarding your future, right now? To help you make your choice, check out our advisor's specialities, tarifs and reviews. Discover everything you need to know about your sign and more! Knowing more about your zodiac sign will give you a better insight into your personality, sexual compatibility, as well as your weaknesses and strengths.

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So what are you waiting for? Read on! Our experts have selected a Tarot card for each month that fits perfectly with the theme of the month.

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Are good things in store for you? Your monthly Tarot reading gives you the insight you need. February Tarot card: Strength The meaning of the Strength tarot card revolves around being secure in yourself, as well as being compassionate and understanding towards other people.

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Free Horoscopes and Oracles. Online Oracles with antique Fortune Telling cards. Free Tarot Horoscopes and Oracles. Horoscope today.

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Horoscope tomorrow. November Horoscope. In 3 months is February Your forecast of the 29 days of February In your personal February Horoscope you will get a precise outlook of all 29 days of February After you entered your first name and after you chose your Zodiac sign, the horoscope calculation can begin. The horoscope calculation is based on the ancient knowledge of Tarot, the astrology of your star sign and the numerology of your first name.

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