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In my opinion we are a perfect match. He gives me what I need and so do I.

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I feel we are soul mates. We are both fire signs and this is perfect. Never should a fire sign be with a water sign! Water puts out FIRE! Geminis are like a box full of DVDs with no name.. His compliments are so sincere.

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The sex, OMG!! I am gaga about this man. I just need help with trying not to hurt his feelings with my brutal, unintentional honesty. He can be overly sincetive and pouty at times, yet strong and always in control of himself.. I am a Sagittarius Nov. I am on a cusp but still am a SAG and all of the traits apply to me completely. I have yet to date an Aquarius though. My longest relationship was with a Leo and we were completely in love. But our relationship was very romantic, and we talked for hours and hours.

He was my bestfriend, we were so much alike it was crazy. I dated a Libra on and off for almost a year, and at the end of it found out he was dating another girl the entire time. Throughout the relationship, though, we got along very well and had a lot of good times together. All I wanted was the truth, a straight answer, as to what he wanted from me, and he could never tell me.

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Of course, being a Sagittarius, I just wanted the truth, it bothered me. So, I never trusted him and that is why. The sex was amazing though.. I dated a Taurus and yes, he was faithful, but very posessive, self pitying and whiny, also talked about himself constantly.

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I have yet to date a Pisces, Capricorn or Scorpio. Have friends of those signs but no chemistry.

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The guy I am talking to now is an Aries and he is very protective and masculine, we get along so well and our personalities are so much alike. If we ever argue, we take it lightly and forgive within minutes. We both have tempers so this is good for the both of us. We have yet to date, but I hope it does go somewhere.

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  • I am an aries man who met this wonderful sag girl we get along sooo well, she was born , I have never met anybody I have so much in common. She is so very affectionate like me. I think she is the one for me. I am single.

    Taurus:-just a good friend not mor thn tat. Gemini:-gud frnd. Saggi:-didnt met yet. Pisces:-not my cup of tea.. Best Of Luck to all.. Is it worth it? I have an pisces woman as my life companion and i plan to get married to her …but she have a quality of been bending the truth to make a situation seem better and it mostly caused arguement between us..

    Im also a sagittarius born dec. My 1st boyfriend was a capicorn he was very sweet. And loving. I love Aries never argue.

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    • Or anything in that matter. But i also agree that Aries have a bad temper. Aquarius men seem very understanding no matter what. Seems as if they know what your going through as of if they have been there too. Leo men are often very attractive in my eyes. Ive never really got seriouse with this one leo man. I just talked to him. He seems friendly but freakishly freaky. They are control freaks jelious as hell possessive low self esteem.

      JANUARY 15 ZODIAC – The Ultimate Guide to Birthday Horoscope – ZODIAC

      I was born on the 2nd of december and everything above really relates to me! Unfortunately for me, I seem to be attracted to only taurus guys. As you guessed it, i got crushed literally one after another. I guess i played it the wrong way but oh wells, i really really like him alot. Besides, i seem to attract only scorpios and scorpio guys are really in my opinion, irritating. And it starts to irks you alot. My dear Sag girlfriends. Well… I guess i should let you all know that i too am a female Sag sister. And i could most likely write a book on dating any one of the eleven signs.

      And who knows maybe one day i may. You see I started studying astrology at the young age of ten. I always seemed to have a grate position for the mystery of who i was, and what made me tick.

      TAURUS (April 20 - May 20)

      I seemed to know intuitively that i was different in some way. And from then on, it just seemed to take over my sole. Becoming a big part of my quest in life! All the while seeking the knowledge i thirst for so. Now of cores In this time of over the next 30 years. I met, and made friends almost to easily. So i began to study the people i would come into contact with, be it male or female, young, old and in-between. Learning all that i could about each persons background, there signs, and way of life.

      sagittarius love horoscope january 15 Sagittarius love horoscope january 15
      sagittarius love horoscope january 15 Sagittarius love horoscope january 15
      sagittarius love horoscope january 15 Sagittarius love horoscope january 15
      sagittarius love horoscope january 15 Sagittarius love horoscope january 15
      sagittarius love horoscope january 15 Sagittarius love horoscope january 15

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