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C relates to Capricorn as Aries the Western starting point relates to Eb. Every aspect relates to a particular number of degrees.

Zodiac Signs As Songs

For now I will focus on the degrees and how they relate to the Tone-Zodiac. Kepler is said to have been impressed — as Ptolemy before him — by the fact that these three most powerful aspects are expressed by the same ratios as the three perfect consonances in music. In his Tone-Zodiac image: Godwin Johannes Kepler places the Unison Tonic and Octave across opposite each other with all aspects in between, as if the Zodiac represented a hypothetical monochord string, in other words a logarithmic scale.

The musicians among the readers of this article will undoubtedly frown looking at it, as did Rudolf Haase see below. Even though quantitatively perfect, it still did not match the astrological qualities with the qualities of the intervals. The great challenge of the opposition is to integrate the two poles. They are so harmonious, that when you play them together, it becomes very difficult to separate them from each other. I would not recommend you order one.

The best musical genre for each zodiac

Not much later I saw I had not been the only person that felt that way, Rudolf Haase has done so way before me. Rudolf Haase thus suggested an alternative scheme for the degree-based Tone-Zodiac:. The opposition is now the dissonant Tritone while the Unison and Octave coincide. You might also have noticed that no Zodiac Signs have been drawn into this Tone-Zodiac. This scheme can be used for every tonality. Later in this article I will share my own view on it.

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NOTE : the colors used in these examples are just to differentiate between the sign-groups based on the mode-division. The proper tone-color combination can be found later in this article! The trigon , triangle or trine indicates harmony and ease. The tone distances up the scale, represent the Whole Tones.

These aspects fall in between the intervals we use in the Tone Equal Tempered musical tuning. Naturally this counts only for Tone systems. For Tone-Zodiacs using 7 tones or scale degrees you could use the Heptagram and Heptagon.

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The Western tone system has 12 tones, as there are 12 Zodiac signs and 12 months. The 12 months do not contain the same numbers of days. If we examine the following order of keys of the piano and the Chromatic Scale , then there are 2 places where on the piano two white keys are next to each other, between B and C and E and F. Much alike the division of the months, December and January and July and August are the only two moments in the year that day white key months follow each other directly. Even though the following guitarists might not have been born under their assigned astrological sign, their playing styles align with its emotional weight.

I just plug in and hit the thing really hard.

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That's my style Actually, because I'm so small, when I strike an open A chord I get physically thrown to the left, and when I play an open G chord, I go right. That's how hard I play, and that's how a lot of my stage act has come about. I just go where the guitar takes me. Age: Birthplace: Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom.

The most honest and trustworthy of signs, Taurus is the true North of the zodiac. Many Virgos will find themselves drawn to realism. True crime shows have become buzzy and trendy recently — thanks to phenomenons like Making a Murderer and, ehem, Catfish — but they were really made for the Virgos of the world. Unabashedly honest documentaries will also hit that sweet spot of keeping you riveted and making you smarter. As for fantasy and fiction, you prefer those genres with a healthy dose of cynicism anchored in history or possibility, like The Crown or Westworld.

The Best Musical Genre for You

Virgos are capable of wearing many hats — not just those weird felt berets we picture on the heads of mustachioed French painters. That is to say, each Virgo is capable of fashioning a variety of worlds, completely according to their own design, and each one will be different from the last. For a Virgo with endless possibilities, you may turn to graphic design. Few artistic disciplines are as unrestricted and free as this, plus technology allows you to translate your vision with such extreme detail and precision that you can easily get hooked.

Thus, you often express your creativity through small acts of rebellion. You need capital-R Romanticism with its rebellious embrace of intuition and emotion, and its interest in nature and imagination. Libras are gifted in the visual arts, thanks to the influence of its ruling planet Venus. You are inventive and adaptive with a powerful creative streak and you can make anything into something beautiful and coveted. Even color-coordinating your daily planner with gel pens will allow you to express yourself in the mundane details of everyday life.

A conflicted, magnetic, eloquent Scorpio will likely gravitate towards art of the same charismatic, sharp-witted caliber.

Which Sign has the Best Musicians? - dxpnet

This is rarely true but it makes for poignant and extraordinary writing. Lyricism and poetry are particularly befitting for a Scorpio who, like fellow scorpions Sylvia Plath, Kurt Vonnegut and Anne Sexton, are constantly expressing ways to communicate light, share experiences and seek companionship.

Huge, timeless classics like the Indiana Jones and Star Wars movies illustrate the big-budget adventures that you have inside your mind every day. You can live all your lives on canvas, simultaneously. You may also enjoy a dash of macabre here and there — not unlike another fellow Capricorn, Edgar Allen Poe although his taste was less a dash of macabre and more an unadulterated flood. Capricorns claim to want everything straight-forward and organized at all times but being ruled by Saturn, your mind is bound to wander and project.

What you really want is truth, purpose, and ingeniousness. Your orderly manner of thinking and knack for leadership lends itself well to art that thrives with innovative design and boundary-pushing. Architecture is an ideal outlet for these skills, as it follows a structure but also begs to be reinvented. On a smaller scale, ceramics and pottery often require specific techniques while also creating opportunities for uniqueness — like a flourish of paint or decor. If that line is lost on you, consider yourself lucky.

most musical astrological sign Most musical astrological sign
most musical astrological sign Most musical astrological sign
most musical astrological sign Most musical astrological sign
most musical astrological sign Most musical astrological sign
most musical astrological sign Most musical astrological sign

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