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Libra zodiac Sign/ Tula Rashi - Hindi

The sign of Libra is represented by the scales and Librans tend to weigh things up carefully before making any decisions. Balancing scales can be difficult task, and keeping them balanced requires a different effort. Whereas Geminis cannot decide between two alternatives because they want both of them, Librans take time to make decisions because they are more aware of the consequences of actions. Librans also like to please those around them and include the needs of others in their decision-making.

This can make deciding a difficult and drawn-out process for Librans, but, when they do decide, they are usually sure of themselves, having weighed up the consequences carefully. New ideas, conversations and perspectives appeal to Librans because, as an air sign, they usually have active minds. The sign of Libra is also a cardinal sign, meaning that these people are ambitious and eager to start new things. Librans often possess a strongly developed sense of fairness and will vigorously defend the rights of others, sometimes before defending their own rights.

Librans are usually diplomatic, tactful and aware of the needs and feelings of others.

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Being naturally cooperative and sociable, Librans enjoy group participation and often work at securing group consensus and harmony. Essentially idealistic and helpful, Librans excel where negotiation is required and they work hard for the benefit of a group rather than for personal gain. These people are typically generous, especially in giving up their own time to help others or in sharing whatever resources they have, even if they are in short supply. Keenly sensitive to balance in their environment, Librans need pleasant and harmonious surroundings to feel a sense of inner harmony.

When their surroundings are disharmonious, Librans are often unable to function well or maintain an inner sense of balance. Ruled by Venus, the planet of love, Librans prefer the company of others to being alone. In some cases they will go to great lengths to ensure that they are not alone, even when it means being in company that does not suit them.


They can display a tendency to want peace at any price and will compromise themselves for the sake of outward harmony. This can lead to inward disharmony and to stress and health imbalances. Being tactful and diplomatic, Librans are able to motivate others and oversee a project without treading on the toes of those involved.

Librans are able to present criticism in a way that is palatable to almost anyone. They are suited to careers where handling delicate matters or difficult people is part of the job, such as telemarketing, the law or any job, which involves mediating between two parties. Librans are also attracted to working in art or craft galleries, as their Venusian rulership suits them to working with anything that is aesthetically pleasing.

The hospitality industry appeals to Librans because they thrive on social contact. Relationships : Relationships are never far from the minds of most Librans, and they seem happiest when in the company of their partners. Their need for company can sometimes prevent Librans from leaving a destructive relationship and their need for peace at any price can allow a partner to take advantage of them. They need to guard against co-dependence in a relationship as this stifles their growth and keeps the Libran scales out of balance.

Apart from taking into consideration the sun sign, rasi or moon sign, and the point of ascendance; nakshatra based compatibility is also emphasized. Nakshatra centric matching also known as 'koota- guna matching' helps to pin point the relative merit and demerits of the concerned pair in respect of one another. In the realm of nakshatra matching at least eighteen positive points are necessitated for a union to be termed as compatible.

As far as the similar matching is concerned, usually the cross checking follows from the girl's to that of the boy's with vertical calculation along the same row. With both nakshatra and rasi being an intrinsic part of the same elliptical zodiac, both are fundamentally related to one another.

Nakshatra Names and Their Meanings

Logically speaking twelve segments of rasi or moon signs correspond to the twenty seven nakshatras or constellations present in the similar ellipse.

libra horoscope meaning in hindi Libra horoscope meaning in hindi
libra horoscope meaning in hindi Libra horoscope meaning in hindi
libra horoscope meaning in hindi Libra horoscope meaning in hindi
libra horoscope meaning in hindi Libra horoscope meaning in hindi
libra horoscope meaning in hindi Libra horoscope meaning in hindi
libra horoscope meaning in hindi Libra horoscope meaning in hindi
libra horoscope meaning in hindi Libra horoscope meaning in hindi
libra horoscope meaning in hindi Libra horoscope meaning in hindi
Libra horoscope meaning in hindi

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