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ISAR Certificate of Astrological Proficiency (CAP) – ISAR

Her book Soul Path Way was published in Kay resides in the SF Bay area and has maintained a thriving full-time practice for over 30 years. Anne is certified by the three major astrology organizations in the United States. She's lectured at Astrology Conferences since December Anne organized a monthly Astrology Discussion Group in and an astrologically based stock investment club in , achieving excellent annual returns using astrology.

Anne currently serves as a director for the C. Jung Foundation in NYC. Donna Young has a consultation and teaching practise in Calgary, Alberta, where she also organizes monthly gatherings for the local astrology community and conferences.

Lea Imsiragic Astrologer ISAR 2009

Donna has a degree from Kepler College, where she is currently an instructor and responsible for the certificate program in Levels I, II and Chart Calculation. This email address is being protected from spambots. Carol has been working to bring Astrology to the Las Vegas Community through Education for all levels of Astrological interest.

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Website: angelascornergr. Angela is full-time astrologer for about eight years and practice in Athens but thanks to internet technology consults clients from various parts of Greece and other countries. Her approach the natal chart from a psychological point of view. By reinforcing the positive elements and by trying to eliminate the negative patterns, we automatically become masters of our lives.

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Monica Hable Dimino is a professional astrologer from Boston, Massachusetts with a large international clientele. Her astrological studies began in with a French tutor. In she started working professionally.

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In she designed a teaching program for astrology in Spanish. In she returned to the US where she became an active member of the American astrological community. Her focus is professional astrology, to bring better astrology to the general public and thereby gain greater respect as a helping profession. Richard's emphasis in his client work is to develop and use client-centered consulting techniques with astrology to empower clients in determining their life.

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Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. His studies represents an important trend in contemporary astrology: the blending of traditional and modern techniques and approaches.

Should it come to the attention of the certification committee that a certified astrologer has infringed one of these criteria , OPA will reassess the eligibility of the certification for this astrologer. Contact Education Director Kay Taylor for any question and for listing yourself if you are certified. Membership Events Books Magazine Subscription. Empathy and tolerance for clients, including effective delivery of contents. His astrological focus is Huber Astrological Psychosynthesis and working with clients to engage all parts of their chart s and subpersonalities in a more conscious, deliberate manner.

Mark has a diploma in astrological psychology Dip. Mark can be reached at markdouglas76 gmail. Liz Greene, Richard Idemon, and others.

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She has decades of experience and a reputation for excellence. CA Fridays pm Atlantic Time.

click here Mj lectures internationally and is a specialist in finding unknown birth times.

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