Grand sextile january 20 2020 astrology

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Pluto is seductive and obsessive — money, sex, power. Though separating now, Mars is still reminding us to use our Aquarian connections wisely, in the Spirit of times to come. The gift is to use them for evolution, the greatest good with the furthest evolved purpose of mind. That will support the one on one, heart to heart efforts of the North Node in Leo, the sign of Light.

If Leo choses to speak or perform, the entire group, s, s of people will be awakened at once! Though Saturn is retrograding away, the NN overtakes him! They will be inconjunct. Leo wants elegance as well as functionality and the property is HOT! Since he is retrograding to meet her, they are approaching each other!

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He is super intelligent in Aquarius and offers instant ideas to improve the process. She estimates the financial impact of his choices and saves him time by helping him choose the most efficient and productive. You will feel it, can sniff it. It will make you think.

You will see what needs fixing or doing, the organization or friend you would like. But what you hope for may be simply a blush and a brush with someone fateful. They will go on without you. In this case that might be a relief. Things could be too old or take too long, delays. Keep the main idea and people in mind and come back to it later, though it may not ever gel. As we think on it later, we are glad because something better, entirely different, happens.

Venus Grand Earth Trine! Now in Taurus, he wants steady evolution for Earth herself. The planet is changing and we need to stay with it. He has infused Venus with immense ideas. She in Virgo has a gift, the grace to organize and expedite these ideas so they may be applied efficiently. She knows there is an elemental need for freedom to research what can be the best applications for the results needed. Venus acts as go between from Uranus to Saturn the Builder! How perfect he is for the work! He is powerfully in his own sign Capricorn. What he hopes to build has merit. Sometimes quitting a situation saves time, energy can be put where, for the time being, it is better used.

But Venus is bringing the best of the Uranian ideas to him, cloaked with her blessing. He has good insight about who the right people are, the materials to use. Using his excellent sense of timing will pay off. Venus admires his style, so he feels the better for his choice. She and he may make a solid bond both personally and in business.

He admires her Virgo common sense and intelligence. She understands numbers and percentages. She does the books, guides him succinctly financially.

5 Tips For Surviving the 12222-2020 Saturn-Pluto Conjunction in Capricorn

He pays her well and sees that as an investment. You are worth it! Time for respect. Castor is one of the two rival brothers of the constellation Gemini, Castor mortal, Pollux immortal. Jupiter is thought to be fame and fortune, expansion and growth. Take the chance!

Dark skies open us to unhindered gateways.

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Eclipses are exact lineups that let us channel directly! It will be seen in a vast area, but, sorry, not in the US.

Happy viewing to those of you who get to see it! See the entire Cancer Newsletter!

The astrogeographical position of Ottawa

Please join a celebration in your area as fits your beliefs. Travel, education, teaching and speaking often go with the territory. She is coming in at 11 Cancer and will trine Jupiter then Neptune exactly June 1 and 2! Jupiter can be an over honest good-time Charlie, yet in Scorpio sees deeply into our psyches, our deepest hurts and greatest powers. And makes us laugh anyway. Neptune in his own sign Pisces can seem oblivious, oozing along with no particular preference, but when on his feet, the whole Universe is tuned in and turned ON!

He makes music beyond words that calls to every molecule in your body!

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  • You want to save the World. Venus in Cancer loves oh, so tenderly and is aware of every nuance of feelings. She has the softest touch, cradles you in her arms.

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    She both prepares you to face your demons and comforts you when you have. She assists with memories, the subtle notes that call your Soul.

    Yearly Horoscope for Your Zodiac Sign

    She makes you care again and, after any crying is done, has the business skills to put you on the map! Jupiter has the funding, and Neptune has the Spirit! The sacred journey is being planned; multilingual Gemini is spreading the Word! Though not in close degrees with the Full Moon, this Full Moon is the first within this span of Jupiter and Neptune traveling together. This is a period of possible dreams come true! Do some serious thinking May 29 through June 2 about what you would like to see happen. Set up the steps to be taken. Let it develop and grow. See more! Moon in Sagittarius runs away from home — and sometimes the grass really is greener!

    Philosophy and ethics are important.

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    A broad perspective brings wisdom and justice. They are great athletes and winning gamblers!

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