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Welcome to Aquarius season, Gemini—this is a wonderful time for travel and exploration for you; you're feeling inspired to embark on a journey and explore new ideas. However, February 1 finds the vibe intense as hell—literally, as Pluto, the lord of the underworld, squares off with Mars, and tempers flare. Watch out for arguments! Whatever it is, the stakes are high, the energy is heated, and change is coming. Something is likely to get chopped—an intimate relationship, a friendship, a dream.

But a new day is coming: February 2 finds sweet Venus connecting with electric Uranus, bringing fantastic, inspiring, and unexpected meetings your way.

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Lines of communication are wide open as your ruling planet Mercury mingles with generous Jupiter on February 3. Plus, Venus enters Capricorn on February 3, encouraging deep, intimate connection in your relationships—as well as sending a dash of luck your way when it comes to dealing with serious money matters like debts, taxes, and even inheritances. On February 4, the new moon in Aquarius invites you on a new journey. Exciting travel may be taking place soon, or perhaps you will pick up a new subject of study.

Gemini Astrology February Horoscope

Exciting conversations continue to take place on February 7, when Mercury connects with Mars and February 9, when Mercury connects with Uranus some unexpected meetings arrive, too. Your ruling planet Mercury enters Pisces on February 10, activating the sector of your chart that rules your career, sparking plenty of conversation about your life in public.

Unexpected drama, but an exciting new beginning, also comes on February 13 when Mars meets with Uranus—watch for what happens in the groups, clubs, and associations you belong to. On February 14, Mars enters Taurus, winding down your energy—you may find yourself on autopilot, but if you notice yourself checking out often, make sure to get more rest, or at least try to partake in more restful activities, even if getting sleep is difficult.

A creative atmosphere takes place on February 17, as Venus connects with Neptune, and your independent streak shines brightly as the sun connects with Uranus on February When was the last time you went to a party alone? See what happens if you attend something by yourself—you may meet some very unusual, eccentric, and exciting people. You are spontaneous in many areas of your life and like to explore the unknown. Your life will swing from the positive to the negative so you must be prepared for some turbulent times in your life.

At least you'll never be bored with the challenges that are presented to you, and as you grow older and develop more wisdom, you're likely to be regarded as someone with extraordinary knowledge and a capacity to help those around you. Your path is one of compassion and humanitarianism. The Gemini male is generally tall , and if he is born in the earlier part of this star sign, he can be muscular and athletic in build. His face is usually long and proportionate , with a high forehead and thin lips. You are always on the go, Gemini, and tend to be busier than most of your colleagues and friends.

You move fast, talk fast and can sell almost anything to anyone.

Gemini Information, complete information on this zodiac sun sign.

Doing one thing at a time doesn't necessarily appeal to you, and it is not unusual to see a Gemini male with several projects at various stages of completion. When it comes to relationships, you can usually talk yourself out of any difficult situation. In fact, your need to talk can be quite overwhelming for a prospective romantic partner. Astrologer's Adivce:. What you need to do Gemini, is to develop your non-verbal skills so that you are not always communicating with words. Remember, less is more. You are a loyal friend and respond with dynamic energy and speed to their needs.

They can rest assured that you will always be there when they call, and this is indeed a wonderful character trait, Gemini. You are not afraid to offer advice, even when it isn't asked for, but you mean well. The Gemini male is never satisfied with fame, reputation or money because he thinks he deserves more. If this is how you feel, you will keep searching, even if you know you will never be satisfied.

You like to stand out from the crowd and take great pride in expressing your individuality, whether it is in the way you dress or speak. Ignoring you is about as useless as moving a sand hill with a teaspoon. You don't have any trouble attracting the opposite sex, but since you are always on the lookout for change, it may make a prospective partner nervous.

You love to be in love as it gives you a sense of security and the comfort of knowing that someone will be there for you. You can be mysterious and don't reveal all of yourself at once. Your partners may even feel that they are dating two guys at once because you don't want them to get to know you too quickly. For you, it is more about the thrill of the chase than the catching of the quarry.

This is why many Gemini males prefer to play the field and may not marry until they have experienced a variety of romances, just to make sure that they have chosen 'the one'. You are a cheerful partner, with a quick wit and great intelligence.

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You are also a natural communicator with the ability to captivate a prospective partner's attention. Gemini is a mutable sign, which means that you adaptable and easily shaped by your environment. This trait will enable you to overcome adversity and adjust to the highs and lows that life throws at you. Sometimes, however, you need to pause for few moments, if that is at all possible, and think about where you are going and why. Focus , is difficult as your mind can be quite restless and scattered, but this is something you need to master.

You can be the life of the party, Gemini, as you always having a story to tell. You also have an interest in politics, philosophical ideals and other cultural and societal issues, which is why your conversation is never boring. However, you don't necessarily align yourself with the popular view and will go out on a limb with your own opinion.

There is a danger, however, that you may come across as arrogant because you are well read on a subject. It is from this well of information that you draw your well-founded opinions, and you can certainly be proud of your intellectual achievements. The typical Gemini woman is tall, slender and very attractive.

If you are born in the second half of Gemini, the slenderness may be more predominant. Those born in the first half may be slightly more curvaceous and fleshy. Gemini, try not to become too obsessive about your looks or how others look. You also have a tendency to take great pains to hide the parts of yourself that you don't want others to see. Your mind is deep and thoughtfully provocative. When choosing a partner, you will need someone who understands your intellectual needs as you can be quite dismissive of anyone who is mentally lazy.

Gemini daily horoscope - 12 November 12222

They will also need to be caring, tender, romantic, reliable and well-mannered. You are ambitious and have the fast thought processes to make things happen. However, you need to be careful not to overreact to statements that others make. You can be hypersensitive and jump to conclusions , but sometimes you can be wrong. This is not something you like to admit, but it can happen. The term 'Superwoman' springs to mind when talking about a Gemini female.

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You don't do tasks of a day—it's more like ! You make friends easily as you are always happy to help out, and with your brilliant time management you are able to maintain the balance in your life. Gemini, you probably invented multitasking and were doing it long before the concept was recognised. Your hand always shoots up at a committee meeting and you can be relied on to start the jobs you volunteer for, even if you don't always finish them.

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  4. You are quite capable of juggling home, family and work, but you should be aware of when your fuel tank is running low, preferably before it hits empty. As your star sign regulates the nervous system , you must be careful not to skip meals. This can have a direct effect on your body and undermine your health over time. Slowing down is certainly not on your agenda, is it Gemini?

    Your coffee sessions with friends are just another avenue for you to expand your mind, and you love to be with people who are interested in education, current affairs, and self-improvement. It is unlikely that your social circle will include people who aren't interested in any of the topics mentioned above. If an unsuspecting male is privy to your social circle, they will be amazed at your razor sharp wit and lightning-fast comebacks.

    gemini astrology february 1 Gemini astrology february 1
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    gemini astrology february 1 Gemini astrology february 1
    gemini astrology february 1 Gemini astrology february 1
    gemini astrology february 1 Gemini astrology february 1
    gemini astrology february 1 Gemini astrology february 1

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